What is the best pod system for flavor?

Pods are small and compact, convenient to commute with and easy to use. But the downsides of having even the best refillable pod vape is that it needs constant charging and refills. Pod vapes, with refillable pod system, can carry up to 2ml liquids and last 3 hours. And these little gadgets can be great for stealth vaping and incredible flavor production. 

Before we get to the vapes, let’s understand a bit about the flavor which plays a significant role. What is the best pod flavor for any vape?

Flavor preference is an entirely personal choice and varies from person to person. These flavors can have a savory base aroma and 4-6% nicotine concentration. Companies manufacturing vapes also supply flavors with different nicotine levels and VG/PG ratio. Consult your seller for compatible brands of flavor for your particular vaporizer.

Now, what would be the best pod system vape for you?

The best pod vapes are the ones that are refillable and has a battery life that sustains the longest. A 2200mAh battery is common in some vapes, while others use 950 to 1100 mAh. So when you look for a vape to buy, enquire about the battery capacity. However, battery capacity might not be your first priority. Pods can be as small as 54.5 x 35 x 11mm. These pods are made for consumers looking for stealth and portability. 

Pod vapes nowadays, feature multiple high tech functions that allow you to adjust the device according to your preferences. You can adjust temperature settings, wattage, and voltage in some pod vapes, allowing you to regulate vapor density. One small suggestion would be to buy a refillable pod. These ones are easy to fill up, top-fill system, and does not require complex engineering to maintain. 

How long does a refillable pods last? Depends on your usage. Pods can last up to five days if you’re a conservative user. If you vape often, your flavors might last 3 days before your vape starts losing vapor or flavor, or both

Vaporizers such as Smoke and Uwell have been introducing quality vapes into the market every year. Caliburn, amongst Uwell’s production line, have done quite well— positive reviews all around! The device is also light, 35grams to be precise, and uses a mouth to lung draw system.

With so much to choose from, which pod system is the best in general?

Now for this, we looked into the customer demography and its demands. Follow the mainstream trend and buy what everyone else is buying, especially if you’re a starter. Something that comes out of buying that exact same vape your friend’s been using for the past 6 months, is that you get a solid user review out of it. So if you look online and in your circle, and everyone keeps talking about that one vape that is so great? It’s probably because it is great!

And following the buzz, we’ve selected a vape that’s getting the most shout out, for our

What is the best mini vape?

Get yourself a mini vape! It’s small, it’s portable and it uses a regular tank and a high powered battery to produce the most incredible cloud. The costs are low, but the convenience of a mini vape makes it a primary choice for someone who vapes on the go.

“Cut the chase, what is the best vape on the market?”

It all ultimately depends on what kind of vape YOU are looking for. The best vape under a $100 offers a lot less, in power and feature than a $300 vape. Choose your vape based on your own requirements—

Are you looking for portability? Then go for mini vapes and pod vapes. They are compact and easy to carry. 

Are you a new-comer in the vaping community? Try starter kits and box mods. These devices will help you understand how to use variable temperatures and wattages.  

Do you want to make crazy clouds with vapes? Try a SMOK Nord kit or a vape with a sub-ohm tank.

Okay so, which one do I get?

Consider the Aegis Mini. This mini vape contains a 2200mAh battery and uses a sub-ohm tank for the e-liquid. The exterior is waterproof, shock-proof and durable. It uses an advanced AS chipset with variable temperature ranges from 200-600F. The battery lasts longer if you vape in the mid ranges, however higher wattage has significant wear on the battery life. But that is expected of almost all vapes.

The titanium supported stainless steel body, ergonomic grip and an attractive display make it our top pick for the best mini vape of 2018.

There are other brands to consider:

The Vaporesso Revenger Mini houses a 2500mAh battery giving it a stronger battery life than Aegis. SMOK Al85 mini houses an 18650 removable battery, so you make a quick swap when the power juice runs out.

Just like the Revenger Mini, there are other vapes that come in a smaller box. And the mind wonders- what is the smallest vape mod?

The SMOK SLM is a petite little gadget with dimensions 112 x 12 x 9.5mm. This vape is one of the best stealth vape mods available today, with a 250mAh battery. For those who vape while commuting, this vape is super slim and light-weight. Apart from the frequent charging issues that come with the battery size, it is a reliable go-to for someone looking for the smallest vape to carry. 

If you ask me, choosing something a little bit bigger would be better in this case. It’s hassle-free and convenient at the same time. The best mini mod then?

The best mini kit is the one with the longest battery life. At this point that’s all the competition is about. Users scour the market for the best mods for cloud making. Some people look for best stealth pens, and CBD vapes, some want high wattage and portability. The VooPo Mojo, for instance, makes up to 88W of power with a 2600mAh battery. Incredibly portable

What is the best refillable pod vape?

Refillable pod vapes are a thing of the future! Consumers no longer prefer pre-filled pod systems because they come with a lot of downsides. However, with a refillable, you can experiment with various flavors of your choice. Almost all vapes are refillable nowadays, and the best refillable pod vape would be the one with the longest battery life. 

Now, to understand the scenario, the size of a vape can say a lot about its user! Before your mind wonders trying to understand what I meant, let me clear that statement for you. The size tell-tales how often you vape- bigger vapes have bigger batteries. Battery capacity such as 450 to 950 mAh can be a hassle. Whereas, an 1100 or above works just fine throughout the day. For a heavy user, that may not suffice! Makes you wonder- how long does refillable pods last?

Well, how long your flavors last depends on how often you vape. Most refillable pods last for 4-5 days with moderate usage. But if you’re using a smaller kind, then it’s enough to get at least 2-3 days out of it. Dry hits and decreased flavor are tell-tale signs to let you know that your vape needs a quick refill.4

What is the best pod mod then?

Pod mods are best for intermediary vape-users. These vapes are long lasting and portable at the same time. They last throughout your day and can satisfy even the heaviest users, and you can use regular vape juice in any pod system!

Some devices, however, may take longer to wick a fluid with high VG levels. To remedy the problem, all you have to do is buy a vaporizer/vape pen with 25 Wattage power capacity, and that should vaporize any liquid you put into it.  

The best pod vapes for beginners, or if you want to quit smoking, would be the Uwell Caliburn or the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go. These vapes use refillable pods and hold up to 2 ml liquid. They also house a comparatively powerful battery, generating wattages up to 40. Now there are countless other pod vapes from different companies available in the market. But when it comes to brand value, these two stand out. 

Behold! The SMOK NORD.

The SMOK Nord vape comes with an 1100mAh battery to generate 15W electricity to vaporize. The vape attaches to both 1.4 and 0.6ohm tanks, making it compatible for MTL as well as direct lung vaping. Similar to the SMOK NORD is the INNOKIN EQ. The Innokin uses a Plexus technology to prolong the coils life, as well as an MTL draw system for mouth to lung draw. You can change between two fixed temperature settings according to your preference, with a maximum 15.5W output. 

One more honorable mention would be the Kwit Stick- it heats up in 20 minutes and gives you about a hundred draws with one full charge. High-end Juul products can be of use, but the market has the best Juul alternatives