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Mar 9, 2017

Vapir Aromatherapy Kit for vaping weed

Vapir Aromatherapy Kit for vaping weed

DigitalSpa Aromatherapy Kit by VaporMed
This aromatherapy kit is so specially designed by VaporMed that it promises to take you to a much higher level of relaxation with vaporizers.

DigitalSpa Aromatherapy Mixture
VaporMed provides you with a mix of various aromatic flavors including eucalyptus that can be enjoyed by every best dry herb vape pen enthusiast. This special kit comes with natural flavor and oils that takes you much easily to your relaxation levels.

This DigitalSpa kit comes in a complete package that includes all essential oils with aromatic flavors in a best quality glass bottle of 10ml 1/3 FL OZ.

DigitalSpa Aromatherapy Music Relaxation
It also has a Spa CD (virtual) that is completely relaxing and herb discs (14) that are a complete combination of almost every natural aromatic flavor.

DigitalSpa Aromatherapy Kit Compatibility
This kit is specially designed to be used only with the products of Vapir Vaporizers like Vapir Classic Rechargeable Vaporizer, Vapir Vapormatic Vaporizer, Mystifire Vaporizer, Vapir Classic Corded Vaporizer and Vapir Air One 5.0 version for vape pen. Thus care should be taken while using it with other vaporizers. Before of this I was sure that i can findĀ vape shop near me.…